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About Buford

Buford has a few great stats to boast. Among them, are the fact that just ten years ago the median income was under $40,000 for a household, today is is well over $50,000. The huge jump in median income for this small area is a reflection of the strong economic strides it has taken recently.

Along with the income spurt there has also been a huge jump in the population. People want to live in the great city that Buford is becoming. Right now, Buford is a small town northeast of Atlanta, with a growing population that is now roughly 13,000. Buford has tons of great things, for example Buford actually has the largest shopping mall in all of Georgia, the Mall of Georgia.

Because of Buford’s smaller size, it has schools outside of the city limits, but there is just one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. If you ask the locals what they think of the school system, they will say that it is great. Often times people will ask describe the neighborhood as “quiet and peaceful.”

So if you are looking for a city that is quiet, and peaceful, and just about an hour away from Atlanta, then Buford is the place for you!

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